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We don't just print books we're innovators, problem solvers and subject matter experts...

Who are we?

At Dah-Di-Dah Publishing we don't just print books, we are innovators. We see a problem and we use our expertise to find a solution.


We are a small not for profit group of doctors, nurses and paramedics, mostly from a military background and we’re working to improve casualty outcomes by delivering sustainable capability for first aiders.



Until now, a first aiders competence could only ever be guaranteed on the day that they were last assessed and without a lifelong commitment to regular revision and practice, skill fade is rapid. Also, because training is too often not realistic it doesn’t prepare a first aider for the potentially overwhelming emotional impact of a life and death situation. As a result, first aiders are susceptible to panic, memory block and confidence drain when faced with a real-life situation that’s outside of their normal day-to-day experience.


In response, we’re committed to developing practical solutions that radically reduce the need for revision, that dramatically reduces the worry of skill fade or panic induced memory block and which rapidly unlocks knowledge.


The Future.

During 2018 we plan to evolve into an organisation which reflects more clearly who we are and what we stand for, That may be a Registered Charity or a Community Interest Company.


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