Dah Di Dah

We don't just print books we're innovators, problem solvers and subject matter experts...

Our founders are Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics who come mostly from medical military backgrounds with Operational experience in challenging clinical environments like Iraq and Afghanistan and we're sharing that knowledge to help keep you safe.


We're also sailors and adventurers who've navigated small yachts across oceans, climbed some of the highest mountains in the world, crossed jungles and been involved at the inception of amazing projects like Raleigh International (The Fort George Volunteers).

Who are we?

At Dah-Di-Dah Publishing we don't just print books, we are innovators. We see a problem and we use our expertise to find a solution.


We need to make a profit but we're not driven by profit. We currently operate on a not for profit basis and we will shortly evolve into a charitable organisation. We have a strong social conscience.


Our mission; to saves lives one unique book at a time...

Dah-Di-Dah Publishing Ltd