Can your 1 day course guarantee the competence of a student during an actual emergency?...


Could you diagnose and start to deliver effective treatment for a complex medical emergency or diesel engine fault in under 60 seconds?


Over 90% of MAYDAY calls are a result of medical emergencies, mechanical failures or navigational errors, so the importance of shore based courses like diesel engine, first aid and navigation are essential study for anybody who sets out to sea. Everybody should do these courses.


Here’s the problem: Short courses are not designed to make you an expert and as soon as you finish the course, without constant revision and practice, you’ll start to suffer skill fade.


Also; these essential courses are usually taught in a cosy convivial learning environment. Unfortunately;  a real emergency is never cosy and never benign. It just might be the most terrifying moment of your life. These courses, while essential, cannot predict how you'll perform or what you're likely to remember when faced with the potentially overwhelming emotional impact of a real emergency situation. Even extended courses require a lifetime of revision and consolidation of the skills that you'll be taught.


You've paid to do the course, so common sense told you that you need to prepare for the worst. So well done...


Most courses will issue you with a manual and they are a fantastic revision tool or reference guide while sitting comfortably with a hot cup of tea, mulling over a question or just refreshing your knowledge. But manuals and for that matter, apps, are NOT designed for use during an actual emergency.

Click on the video to take a look inside (use google chrome)

Click on the video to take a look inside (use google chrome)

Now for the good news: Our step-by-step guides are specifically designed to assist you during an emergency. We’ve taken a system that’s been proven on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to provide you with a method to unlock your knowledge. These unique flip books deliver rapid accurate assistance to help you to diagnose and treat more than 40 medical and common marine diesel engine emergencies, competently and with confidence, first-time every-time. Within 60 seconds and even under extreme pressure, you can diagnose and start to deliver effective treatment for complex medical emergencies or diesel engine faults. So simple that a 12yr old can use them.


Experts from across the industry have described these unique little books as being the most important advance in both training and skills application for decades. Our first aid guides are already in use with commercial shipping fleets and on the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.




Unlike manuals which are reference books, our unique guides help the student to focus and unlocks knowledge when they need it most; during an actual emergency. Delivering peace of mind. They are intended to be an addition to, not a replacement for your current course.


  • Our books provide instructors with an opportunity to:
    • Easily integrate the Step-by-Step Guides into a lesson plan or course syllabus. A first class training aid.
    • No special instructions required, it's so intuitive.
    • Perfectly suited to scenario based simulations. Make them as simple or complex as you like and watch even novices respond to the challenge with confidence and enthusiasm.
    • our guides cover more than 40 of the most common medical emergencies and over 20 diesel engine emergencies.
    • Eliminate student frustration as they no longer forget what they were taught only 10 minutes ago.
    • Eliminate lesson inertia, because you don't have to suffer the constant stop/start to the flow of a lesson, having to repeat the same information over and over again.
    • Teach more content in less time.
    • The more that students use the guides, the more confident they become.
    • The flow diagrams help students to create a mind map and skills soon become embedded.
    • The navigation guide provides a quick aid to memory for everything from, Position by Lat & Long, Distance, Magnetic Variation & Deviation, Direction and Leeway, 3 Point Fix, Transits & Running Fix, Chart Scale and Distance, Tidal Streams, Course to Steer,

              EP, Tidal Heights, Curves and Times, Secondary Ports and Light Characteristics. (A book that every skipper should have, but

              maybe never admit to owning).


Add the wholesale cost of the book to your course and deliver the most importance advance in training for a generation or sell them individually at the RRP.  Available wholesale from Chart Co.


Join us on our mission to save lives, one unique book at a time.


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