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Your immediate actions may mean the difference between life and death...




Almost all commercial vessels have access to telemedicine, it's a wonder of the modern age, however;

  • Telemedicine is really only usable and effective once the casualty has received immediate first aid.
  • If somebody is injured or sick on a vessel, the immediate emergency care that the casualty receives from a crew member, may well determine if they live long enough to seek further medical advice.
  • Our unique, pocket sized, waterproof and tear resistant step-by-step guides ensure that your crew can rapidly deal with over 40 'time critical' medical emergencies, competently, with confidence and most importantly without missing anything.
  • Whether a casualty is ashore, in the tender or in any part of the vessel, your crew will be equipped to carry out the correct actions without delay.



We are a not for profit group of doctors, nurses and paramedics, mostly from a military background and we’re working to improve casualty outcomes by providing a simple and practical solution to the greatest challenge facing first aiders; skill fade and panic induced memory block. This new approach represents an evolution in the delivery of confidence and capability for the first aider. Because, unlike a manual these unique, pocket sized books have been specifically designed to deliver assistance when it’s needed most; during a real medical emergency.


It’s widely accepted that in the UK alone, over 140,000 people die every year, who could have survived had they received competent first aid and yet, of the 1 in 10 of the UK population who attend a first aid course, over 70% report lacking confidence in their first aid skills. They also report concerns about how they might perform or what they’ll remember when faced with the responsibility of having to deal with a real, life and death situation. At a time when our Ambulance service struggles to meet increasing demands with diminishing resources, simply ticking the box of compliance is no longer an option for employers. Delivering sustainable, competent first aid capability that mitigates the very real challenges of skill fade and panic induced memory block must be a priority for everybody.


Our system is designed to rapidly unlock knowledge; it creates focus and delivers instant and sustainable capability. The user has only to answer yes or no to a simple question and our algorithms guide the first aider step-by-step to confidently make a diagnosis and to comprehensively carry out the correct life-saving actions for over 40 ‘time critical’ medical emergencies. They’re waterproof and tear resistant and meet UK and European first aid clinical guidelines. They’re so simple to follow that first aiders as young as twelve can use them to save a life.


For the first-time ever, any first aider can be confident of carrying out the correct life-saving actions, even when they feel overwhelmed by the sometimes-enormous emotional impact of having to deal with a situation that’s outside of their normal day-to-day experience. Our system delivers peace-of-mind that everything that can be done, will been done. This is a military concept that was proven on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and adapted by us for civilian use. It’s worked for the military and it can work for you…







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