Your immediate actions may mean the difference between life and death...





Almost all commercial vessels have access to telemedicine, it's a wonder of the modern world, however; the immediate actions taken by the first person on scene, prior to calling for help or further advice, could mean the difference between life and death.

  • Our unique, pocket sized, waterproof and tear resistant step-by-step guides ensure that your crew can rapidly deal with over 40 medical emergencies, competently, with confidence and most importantly without missing anything.
  • These unique little books are so affordable that you can issue them to every crew member and officer and keep a book in every first aid kit.
  • Whether a casualty is ashore, in the tender or in any part of the vessel, your crew will be equipped to carry out the correct actions without delay.


PEACE OF MIND: All responsible skippers pay special attention to health and safety compliance and run regular emergency drills, but dealing with the emotional impact of a real life and death emergency can cause even the most experienced mariners to panic or suffer a mental block. Train your crew to pull out their step-by-step guide and you can guarantee their capability; delivering corporate peace of mind for your company and personal peace of mind for the first-aider and your guests.


THE REALITY: First aid trained people suffer skill fade in fact they start to forget stuff the moment that the course ends. A real emergency might just be the most terrifying and overwhelming situation that they've ever experienced and even with the support of other crew members, nobody can predict what actions they might take or forget to take.  Until now; there has been no real alternative; but our Emergency step-by-step guides improve First Aid compliance and capability. They work by helping the user to unlock knowledge and ensures that the first aider will rapidly carry out the correct actions, competently, with confidence and without omission, first-time, every-time. Our system reduces your responsibility to facilitate the retention of skills and it mitigates your overall risk. The system is so simple that a 12 year old can use it to start saving a life in under 60 seconds and it provides both you and your clients with peace of mind. It’s an easy system to integrate and requires no additional training. The books are self explanatory, just issue them to your first aiders and ask them to familiarise themselves with the new system.


The benefits: Update your risk assessment and direct your first aider to use our guide to assist them during an emergency and...


  • The guide helps the first aider to focus and unlocks knowledge when they need it most; during an actual emergency. No first aid manual or app can do this.


  •  The guide provides peace of mind for the employer, the first aider and the casualty, that everything that can be done, will be done.


  • Making our guides available reduces the need for revision and reduces your responsibility to facilitate the retention of skills. It ensures that the first aider will carry out the correct action, without omission, competently and with confidence for over 40 otherwise complex medical emergencies.


  • Provided that you make it mandatory for every first aider to carry a pocket sized book on their person and there is a step-by-step book in every first aid box, you can guarantee robust and full compliance with 2015 first aid guidelines, which reduces your overall liability.










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