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Frequently asked questions

  • Q. What's the process for personalised publications?

    1. Get in touch.
    2. We'll meet with you to discuss your needs and to discuss your design ideas. There is no fee and it is commitment free.
    3. It will save a lot of time if you have some idea about what design and colour schemes you would like to use.
    4. We will produce a cover and inner pages that meet your corporate branding requirements.
    5. Please note that the use of brand specific PMS colours may increase the cost of your product.
    6. Once art work is approved; we will require a 20% deposit before we start production.
  • Q. Can we order a smaller version of the book?

    Yes. You can have fewer pages and even bespoke content.

    Just get in touch to discuss your ideas.

  • Q. What's the time frame for personalised publications?

    Timings are estimates only: On average it takes 6 to 8 weeks from initial design approval until you receive your first delivery of books.

    1. We will dispatch orders over 5,000 books as each part of the order is completed.
    2. Each part of the order must be paid in full before dispatch to the customer.
  • Q. Will we own the intellectual property for our own publication?

    1. Any specific content that you provide will be your own intellectual property.
    2. Our intellectual property belongs to Dah-Di-Dah Publishing Ltd. We've spent a lot of time, effort and money in Research and Development and we have gone to great lengths to protect our intellectual property to ensure that we can carry on our mission of saving lives with these unique little publications. Any dilution of that intellectual property may threaten our copyright and so our mission.
    3. However; you are free to sell and promote your personalised publications in any way that you see fit.


  • Q. Is the wholesale price fixed?

    1. There are discounted prices for larger orders over 1,000 books.
    2. Any savings based on economies of scale are always passed onto our customers.
    3. Our books aren't cheap, but neither is our product. The Step-by-Step Guides are all PREMIUM PRODUCTS made from the best waterproof and tear resistant synthetic materials and every single page has to be glued in by hand.
  • Q. Do we have to sell the books at the RRP?

    1. Once you have paid for your order, the books become your property and you can sell them at any price that you see fit.
    2. You can even give them away to your customers/members for free if that's what you want to do.
  • Q. Why don't you use DR ABC in your algorithms?

    1. The use of mnemonics, (rhymes or letter combinations used to assist memory) are a reasonable way to help people remember, but our system doesn't rely on mnemonics to help unblock your knowledge. The trouble with mnemonics is that sometimes people struggle to remember what those mnemonics actually stood for in the first place.
    2. Most first aid systems focus on Danger Response and Airway in order of priority for assessment and treatment.
    3. If a casualty is suffering Catastrophic Haemorrhage as a result of an amputation or major arterial bleed, unless you deal with this first, no amount of airway management or CPR will bring the casualty back to life.
    4. So, after danger, we ask you to deal will amputation and major bleeding first.
    5. Drowning features at the start of the flow diagram because it is a more common occurrence than most people think and there are UNIQUE DANGER considerations that we insist our first aiders consider before taking action.
  • Q. Couldn't the flow diagrams be made simpler?

    1. At first sight, our algorithms can seem a bit complex, but they're not. Once you become familiar with how the books work, it can take less than a minute to diagnose and start effective treatment for more than 40 different medical emergencies.
    2. Our algorithms are not complex they are comprehensive, at least as comprehensive as a pocket sized book will allow.
    3. We have produced guidance that is comprehensive while remaining practical and easy to follow.
  • Q. What standards are used?

    1. The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) is the primary source from which all other major Resuscitation Organisations base their guidelines, including the UK, Europe and America etc.
    2. Our Guidelines are research based and compliant with ILCOR guidelines 2015.
  • Q. Can the books be used without first aid training?

    1. We recommend that our books be used in combination with up to date First Aid training.
    2. Even with basic first aid training, our books can be used to carry out the correct life saving actions with confidence first-time, every-time.
    3. In trials conducted by us; 30 people who had first aid training more than 6 years ago were able to competently carry out the correct life saving actions with confidence first-time, every-time.
  • Q. What's the recommended minimum age?

    1. Children mature and develop abilities at different ages.
    2. The youngest age group that we have successfully tested our first aid guides with was 12 years old.
  • Q. Can the product be ordered using cheaper materials?

    1. No. We do not compromise on quality. We will only manufacture our products using the highest quality materials.
    2. Inferior, laminated or cellophane coated papers are easily damaged, if not destroyed, by water and even light use.
    3. Our products have to be durable so that they retain their usability for years to come.
  • Q. Where can I take a first aid course that uses the Step-by-Step Guides?

    We'll shortly be publishing the contact details for our network of first aid training companies who have integrated our Step-by-Step Guides into their training.

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