Everybody deserves a second chance...


We feel that no one should be judged by the worst moment in their lives, and so we try to find ways of training and employing people in preparation for their release from prison. In England and Wales, nearly 50 per cent of people re-offend within a year of being released from prison and we know that employment is essential to keep people out of trouble. At Dah-Di-Dah we are only one of a small number of businesses who are pioneering the employment of offenders. Most of our unique little flip books are hand assembled by offenders in our UK prison workshops. We strive to develop a culture in each workshop that resembles a normal working environment, developing a work ethic and important communication and conflict resolution skills in preparation for life on the outside. None of this would be possible without the unique commitment of dedicated prison officers who underpin this culture of normality. The quality of work that our offenders produce is a testament to their diligence, patience and commitment. Their work and work ethic reflects their capability and future employability.

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